Dear C

God the Great Author took up his divine pen to write us letters about Himself for our benefit. In imitation of Him, for there is no greater one to imitate, remember this, I take up my human pen to teach you about Him and life for your benefit. I hope to write as much as I can on as many topics as I can, but I suspect most of my letters will be contained to matters of faith, literature, and history. We shall see.

I don’t know when you will read these since you are only one year, one month, and seven days young. Some of these letters may have no bearing on your life until you reach my current age (31) or later. Some may be absolutely worthless and utterly wrong. I do hope though, you will see their value.

I realize however, you probably won’t see the value of these letters until later in life, so I will preserve a hardbound copy to give to you when you’re ready, and a digital version for you to peruse at your leisure as you grow up, assuming of course, the digital version is still around.

These letters may seem overly sentimental and utterly pointless as I’ll be teaching you most things in person anyways, but remember, written words can be read and studied long after they were penned. Why do you think God wrote a book? So I wish to do the same, and maybe you will pass these letters down to your family, or write your own.

Finally, whatever I write, check it against Scripture.